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Expert Access – Website Design for Design Firms: How to Approach this Important Client Touchpoint

March 18, 2021

If you missed our discussion on web design trends for professional practices click below to watch the webinar. We covered the look and feel of sites being built today, navigation, images management, storytelling tools, backend platforms, and interactive experiences for prospective clients, among other topics…

Partner Interest Group Call

March 04, 2021

We are pleased to announce the formation of an Interest Group exclusively for DLN partners. Inspired by early-pandemic discussions, this group will gather to discuss topics of concern for brands, media companies, and other corporate interests in the design market…

Our first call with be March 4th, hosted by Peter Sallick. On the call the DLN will share plans for the year, seek input from all participants on a topic (TBD) of concern for Partners, and plan a future meeting.


Expert Access: Designing For, Not Against, Nature

February 25, 2021

Brian Sawyer hosted Landscape Designer and environmental activist, Edwina von Gal to discuss the Perfect Earth Project and 2/3 for the Birds.

In case you missed the discussion, click here to watch.

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NYC Interest Group Call – The Fast Changing Real Estate Market

February 10, 2021

The DLN New York City Interest Group hosted a very current conversation with market expert and Compass leader, Leonard Steinberg, on the rapidly evolving residential real estate market in the city and surrounding areas.

Interest Group calls are open conversations for all members to ask questions and share recent experiences on a certain topic.  Keep an eye out for future NYC speakers!

Expert Access: Financial Management for Design Firms

January 22, 2021

Set your firm up for success in 2021! Yotam Kedem, partner at Precise, a financial management services company for Architectural, Design, and Engineering firms in the US, took DLN members and partners through the financial metrics, tools, and objectives needed to ensure your firms see increased profits in the new year and beyond.

In case you missed the discussion, click here to watch.


Hive Community Call

December 17, 2020

Join Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief, and Florentino Pamintuan, Creative Director, for a community discussion on the future of our own design magazine, how you can can contribute, and the DLN’s future distribution plans.

A printed HIVE magazine represents a new way for DLN Members and Partners to tell their stories to an audience of fellow members, and for the first time in 2021, non-members including other design professionals and their clients. By joining this call, you can share ideas for its format and learn how to contribute. Much like our Travel by Design book, HIVE will feature 100% DLN Member contributed projects, profiles, and other stories with the goal of promoting our members. The key to HIVE will be our ability to look and feel unlike commercial magazines that depend on newsstand sales and large advertisers. With your contributions, HIVE can take on a unique, only-in-DLN quality.

The Virtual Summit

December 03, 2020

The DLN’s 2020 Virtual Summit will empower leaders of our design community to make a difference. Join us to be inspired, to learn, and to share an experience born out of the unique circumstances of 2020 and look forward to an optimistic future.

Expert Access: Creating Diversity and Inclusion in your Business

November 13, 2020

Diversity and inclusion are no longer a nice idea, but a must have goal within your firms in 2020. The DLN heard from Simone Morris, an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader, to understand and learn how to take concrete steps to building more diversity and inclusion within your firm.

Expert Access: Meet Elle Decor’s newest EIC Asad Syrkett

October 30, 2020

Elle Decor’s new Editor in Chief, Asad Syrkett joined us for an in-depth conversation around his vision for the established publication, and the path that led him to this new leadership role. DLN Members connected with Asad and learned about his background, his plans for the future and how to work more closely with Asad and his team.

Expert Access: Federico Forquet – Italy’s Forgotten Master of Fashion, Interiors, and Gardens with Hamish Bowles

October 16, 2020

Vogue editor and fashion historian Hamish Bowles gave us an intimate look into the life and career of the subject of his new book, Federico Forquet. A contemporary of Valentino, Forquet modernized Italian fashion in the 1960s to worldwide acclaim. He then left fashion behind to create interiors and gardens for a host of Italy’s most prominent aristocrats…

Expert Access: Building Your Business Profile on Pinterest

September 23, 2020

The DLN audience was joined by Megan Kleban and Conor Ryan from Pinterest for an informative Expert Access about the platform’s newest feature Story Pins. For a written recap of the details from this discussion, as well as key resources to get set up with Story Pins…

2020 Business Forum

September 10, 2020

This virtual experience provided essential access into the critical topics and fluctuating demands of our rapidly changing business climate. Learn insider information from top experts to grasp these changes and come out ahead.