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Expert Access: Federico Forquet – Italy’s Forgotten Master of Fashion, Interiors, and Gardens with Hamish Bowles

October 16, 2020

Join Vogue editor and fashion historian Hamish Bowles for an intimate look into the life and career of the subject of his new book, Federico Forquet. A contemporary of Valentino, Forquet modernized Italian fashion in the 1960s to worldwide acclaim. He then left fashion behind to create interiors and gardens for a host of Italy’s most prominent aristocrats…



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Expert Access: Building Your Business Profile on Pinterest

September 23, 2020

Join Pinterest’s Creator Team to learn about their new marquee format Story Pins, a feature-packed Pin that gives Creators the breadth, depth and creativity to convey their ideas. During this session Vik Bhaskaran, Head of Partners, Creators & Content and Megan Kleban, Creator Manager will discuss why you should be publishing Story Pins, how to best create engaging Story Pins, and new ways to distribute Story Pins across Pinterest to build an audience.

2020 Business Forum

September 10, 2020

This virtual experience provided essential access into the critical topics and fluctuating demands of our rapidly changing business climate. Learn insider information from top experts to grasp these changes and come out ahead.

Expert Access: Pinterest, Creators & the DLN

July 29, 2020

Pinterest’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Creators and Content, Vikram Bhaskaran hosted an exclusive sneak preview of a variety of new Pinterest tools developed specifically for design professionals and other creative communities.

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Expert Access: Hospitality Design Briefing

July 23, 2020

Dana Kalczak and Todd-Avery Lenahan hosted a hospitality design briefing where they discussed design in the hospitality industry. Dana and Todd discussed their detailed design process from the top down at each new property, how hospitality will change in a post-COVID world and why trusted luxury brands may be the hallmark of travel experiences. In case you missed the conversation, please click here to watch.

Expert Access: Photographing Your Work for Maximum Response

July 15, 2020

Whether for a client presentation, your website, your Instagram feed, or your Pinterest board, strong imagery of your work is crucial. In this talk, Robert Rufino, a legendary stylist who has worked at both Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, and is now Style Director at House Beautiful, shared tips on how to make your rooms look as beautiful as possible through the camera lens.

Expert Access – The American Suburb, a Brief History, and Where Do We Go From Here?

July 01, 2020

DLN Member Tim Slattery, Hart Howerton Partner, hosted a discussion around American Suburbia. For those of you who missed it, click here to listen in as he dissects the creation and migration to suburbia, how it has changed over the years, and from 2020 what the future of suburbia will look like.

DLN Expert Access – Newspapers, Nudity and Newport: The Gilded Life of James Gordon Bennett, Jr.

June 25, 2020

Architect Thomas A. Kligerman discussed the extraordinary life of newspaper publisher James Gordon Bennett, Jr. and his role in the development of the architecture of Newport, Rhode Island. In case you missed this fascinating discussion, click here to watch.

Expert Access: PPP: Maximizing Loan Forgiveness Under Newly Adopted Rule Changes

June 18, 2020

Barry Sunshine, acclaimed accounting expert with strong design and architecture industry addressed the latest changes to the PPP program and helped DLN Members gain maximum financial advantage prior to the conclusion of the program. In case you missed this informative discussion, click here to watch.

Expert Access: Watercolor Painting, A Tool for Business & Pleasure

June 17, 2020

DLN Masters Marc Appleton and Michael Imber discussed how their passion for watercolor painting applies in both their professional and personal travels. In case you missed their inspiring presentation, click here to watch. 

A Time to Listen: An Open and Honest Conversation About Race

June 10, 2020

DLN Member Brad Ford and Sheila Bridges hosted an open and honest conversation for the DLN Community about race in America. In case you missed the conversation, please click here to listen, learn and change our industry.

Expert Access: Collecting at a Distance

May 27, 2020

Sean Kelly, NYC gallerist and famous podcast host of Collect Wisely, and Robert Stilin, wise art collector and AD100 designer, discussed buying art in the time of COVID-19. Click here for the full discussion.

Expert Access: How to Build the Bench for Recovery

May 20, 2020

With companies having laid-off or furloughed many employees, what does hiring look like when things open back up? How do you hang on to your key employees, let go of your underperforming ones and acknowledge what new talent you will need to hire in order to effectively adjust to our new normal? Click here to find out.