Congratulations to the 2019 DLA Winner: Thomas A. Kligerman

The Design Leadership Network recognized Tom as an individual in the community who reflects the mission of the DLN. This person seeks to contribute to the growth and professionalism of the design market through their work, mentorship, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, academic or philanthropic endeavors.

Announcing 45 New Member Benefits

The Design Leadership Network officially launched our new Member Benefit program. The program includes 5 categories and will become a core component of how we connect with and create value for our members. Check out these exclusive offers and redeem yours today!

17 Personal London Recommendations from DLN Members

Arriving in London before our Summit? Or planning to stay for the weekend and wondering where to go? Look no further! Scroll below for some secret London sources from DLN Members before we hop across the pond next month.

Creating a Winning Contract

With the help of our Masters Council, The Design Leadership Network has created this White Paper, that outlines the essential terms every design contract needs to cover. Don’t sign another contract without reading this first!

Event January 16, 2020

2020 Paris Deco-Off

The Design Leadership Network will be in Paris for Deco-Off beginning on January 16th through the 20th. Are you planning to attend? We want to know!

Designing Your Firm’s Future

With the input of eight architects and designers at various stages of their careers, from the heads of small, growing firms to established Design Masters, the DLN has created its second White Paper, exclusively for DLN members. Don’t make another hire, or create another position or partnership, until you read this paper.

The Ultimate Design Library

Who knows better where to look for guidance and inspiration than a Design Master? Here, 13 members of our distinguished Council share the five (okay, sometimes six) books that have most influenced their work—and, sometimes, shaped their lives.

Over 1,000 DLN Member Recommendations

Few things are more exciting than learning from a trusted friend about a new travel destination, a favorite restaurant, a little-known design shop, a trusted hotel, or a source of inspiration and delight. And we want the DLN to become that trusted friend, which is why we have launched the DLN Design Guide.