The DLN seeks to promote growth and professional practices in the high-end residential and related hospitality design markets by creating educational programs, experiences, and resources for its members who are design firm principals, members of the media and corporate leaders.

The DLN is a membership-based organization serving principals of design and architecture firms, media companies, and makers of products and services targeting the high-end design audience.

We support our members and partners by producing programs, experiences, and information that educates, inspires, and connects with goal of helping build better firms, become stronger leaders, and grow.

Our programming includes content areas ranging across market-driven topics such as media and marketing, technology, and real estate to inspirational areas of culture, art, history and design to professional growth topics of human resources, legal and financial  management, and personal leadership, among others.

Our programs include conferences, behind the scenes access to people and places, travel experiences, special events and dinners, surveys, research, and other content that are available on an exclusive basis to our members.  We connect our members through our monthly DLN Journal publication, our web site, instagram feed, and soon, a closed network.

The DLN believes that by providing our services to the leaders of the design market, we are positively influencing and enhancing the entire design market as the employees, suppliers, clients, and other constituents related to our members follow their example.

Frank Gehry in conversation with Paul Goldberger at the 2015 Design Leadership Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

Frank Gehry in conversation with Paul Goldberger at the 2015 Design Leadership Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

Our members are interior designers, architects, and landscape architects who are highly accomplished in their field and truly passionate about the Design and Architecture Industry.

Over its 15 year history the DLN has established its unique and leading role in the community by consistently committing to the highest standards of integrity, quality, and focus for its membership, programming, and management. By doing so, the DLN has steadily grown in its size, capabilities, and purpose, adding new resources and expanding its activities annually.

The DLN seeks to be inclusive of well established masters of the profession and emerging stars representing diverse geographies, backgrounds, and styles across fields including architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture serving primarily the residential and related hospitality segments of the market.

Our members are characterized by their commitment to professional growth, positive leadership, interest in learning, and contributions to our community and the market-at-large.  They are recognized by the quality of their work, are frequently published in the media, and often have multiple facets to their firms including product design, retail and media ventures, and other initiatives.

Our corporate and media partners are market leading firms whose leaders seek to have direct personal access and relationships in the markets they serve, working side-by-side with our members and other partners to grow, learn, and improve.

The DLN is working toward a long term vision of a strong, creative, and exciting design market that produces great work and work environments for all of its constituents.

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Peter Sallick

Founder & Co-Host

Managing Partner, Design Investors, LLC; CEO and Board Member, Waterworks; Founder and CEO of Dering Hall; Founder of the Design Leadership Network and Design Leadership Summit

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Rebecca Birdwell

Managing Director

Managing Director, Design Leadership Network; Principal, RHBirdwell; Board Member, Sir John Soane Museum Foundation

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Ron Tumpowsky

Chief Partnership Officer, Design Leadership Network

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Sydney Gemes

Marketing and Operations Coordinator, Design Leadership Network

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