Luxury textile designer and international brand, Rosemary Hallgarten, opens her flagship showroom at the New York Design Center at  200 Lexington Avenue. The experience of texture and a visually rich environment awaits interior designers and clients as they peruse through the full line of rugs and fabrics made from the world’s finest fibers. As a leader in alpaca, ombré, shearlings, rugs, and fabric, as well as wool, silk and cashmere, Rosemary has been at the forefront of textile design for over a decade.


We invite designers and clients to interact and experience full vignettes as her textiles are paired with FBC London furniture in the adjacent showroom. We are excited to bring the unmistakable quality of life, luxury and luminosity of Rosemary Hallgarten textiles directly to designers and clients as we collaborate on designs and custom projects within this creative and inspirational showroom space.

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