From the beginning, PIRCH has operated with a defiant attitude and audacious objective: To focus on people and life’s precious few moments, rather than stainless steel and porcelain. We wanted inspiration, education and accountability. Our homes serve as the backdrop that connects us to family, kindle our friendships, and create permanence within our community. This is a truth universally acknowledged. As for PIRCH, we are neither retail zealots nor big company movers. Like you, we are fathers, mothers, friends, wives, brothers, builders, cyclists, wannabe chefs, animal lovers, creators, travelers and at least one cheese head.


Having just lived through a brief time in history ominously called The Great Recession, we were all given a chance to look back on the senseless acquisition of “things” that slick marketers promised would bring us great happiness and a life fulfilled. They did not. We realized that there was a simple truth missing: Moments.


Those moments might take the form of a candle-lit bubble bath celebrating an anniversary.  Or game-day burgers with lifetime friends. Or perhaps, the world’s best mac & cheese, created by a father for his three little girls without a recipe, who will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.

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