More than 20 years ago, Merida made the decision to manufacture in Fall River, Massachusetts, a historic mill town that was once America’s leading textile center. We knew it would be challenging to manufacture in the US, but we believed the market was ready for beautiful, high-quality products made by expert craftspeople. Fall River had the people and skills to deliver on that.

Today, our 40,000 square-foot workshop hums to the rhythms of heritage and modern looms at work. Committed to a rigorous design process and an innovative approach to manufacturing, our talented team of designers and craftspeople continue to build a distinguished portfolio of products that honor timeless tradition with inventive design.

We invite the architecture and design communities to tap our textile expertise, knowledge of materials, and extensive customization capabilities to create distinctive and durable rugs that will add value to their design practices – and delight their clients for years to come.

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