Marmi offers the finest selection of natural stone from granites and marbles to semi-precious and exotics. As the North American headquarters of Marmonil, a major Egyptian stone distributer and quarrier, Marmi distributes over 300 other stones from over 35 countries. In addition to these stones, Marmi offers a proprietary line of Egyptian limestone emanating from Marmonil’s 40 quarries throughout Egypt.

Offering stone for a myriad of applications, Marmi can provide slabs, tiles, and custom pieces for both commercial and residential projects. With operations in the United States, Egypt, Italy, Spain, & Dubai, Marmi can locate, manage logistics and deliver product around the globe.

Working alongside architects and designers as stone consultants, suppliers and as an award-winning fabricator, Marmi Natural Stone is pleased to call some of the finest in the design industry colleagues, friends and clients.

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