Interest Groups are interactive conversations between DLN Members who want to check in and share knowledge and experiences on a defined topic. They represent an opportunity for immediate access to peers whose perspectives can help make a difference or solve a problem large or small. Examples of Interest Groups that have formed and connected DLN Members include: NYC Enlightened Self Interest, Pure Design, DLNx and DLN Partners.



The NYC Interest Group convened a meeting featuring star NYC Real Estate expert Leonard Steinberg who shared his extraordinarily optimistic analysis of coming demand for residential real estate transactions in the city.  This call gave members a chance to understand the drivers of demand and think about how to prepare for a potentially exciting 2021. Leonard also shared insightful tips on working with brokers, building relationships with potential clients, and building a service firm.  More to come from the NYC Interest Group soon!


Enlightened Self Interest

The Design industry lags other sectors in building social good in all it does.  In how it identifies, hires, and promotes new talent.  In how it links the purchase of high value, beautifully designed products to addressing economic and social inequality.  In how it sends a message of openness to all who want to work in the industry, especially those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Addressing these areas is not just a “nice to do”, but will become essential for the industry to thrive.  Mastering this will, in a sense, become “enlightened self-interest” (ESI).   Our industry will become more relevant today — and expand its commercial opportunities tomorrow.

If you want to roll up your sleeves and contribute your thinking, please join us!


Pure Design



DLNx is seeking to recognize and amplify the voices of female designers and architects through community, empowerment and achievement. We encourage all women of the DLN to join us as we utilize our influence to act on opportunities and serve as agents of purposeful long-term change. We’re working on securing a series of female design leaders to join us for our 2021 speaker series. More to come!


DLN Partners

The DLN is excited to formalize a new Partner Interest Group as a resource for this extremely important segment of our community.  Our first call is scheduled for March 4, at 12:00 EST and will be a “mini-forum” style discussion of important topics within the design business community. In the future we will feature guest speakers and a group project to support our market.  This Interest Group is open to all DLN Partners.  We look forward to making this a valuable experience and to using this as a forum for your feedback.