After years of consideration, the Design Leadership Network is proud to announce the formation of The Design Leadership Foundation. Legally structured as a 501(c)(3) public charity, the DLF will be supported financially and operationally by the DLN and the DLN community through events and contributions to fund its mission. The DLF has been established by an independently led group of design industry leaders who share a vision to mentor, support and uplift youth from all backgrounds to expand diversity within the architecture and design fields now and for generations to come. This is an exciting development for our community!

The DLF Mission: 
All people deserve to be welcomed equals in a creative community driven by inspiration, diversity, equity and inclusion. The Design Leadership Foundation believes, at a young age, everyone should be able to envision themselves in the professional fields of architecture and design no matter their race, gender, creed or background. The DLF supports opportunities and exposure for these young individuals to better unify the world of design.

The DLN would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the founding DLF Board members. Your insight, support, and strength has made this happen. Thank you!