The Design Guide, is set to become an updated and unparalleled asset to our community!

For the past few months, we’ve been working on the online experience and expanding the categories of recommendations to make this aspect of the DLN program very powerful for you.

The new and updated Guide will include all new member recommendations for shopping, business tools, and firm management resources, along with our current travel and cultural categories.

Once relaunched, you will be able to search by category, such as city, and topic of interest easily and will be able to save favorite recommendations in one place, much as you do with Pinterest.

We are committed to making the DLN Guide the best and most coveted resource out there, but it can only happen with your help. Please click on the Guide Form button below to update your recommendations!

Your contribution will help us create a comprehensive, unique platform that will be your go to destination for valued recommendations in a variety of categories worldwide. Plus, the Guide becomes a way for fellow members to get to know you better, a source of ideas and features for HIVE articles (like the two members below), as well as for other DLN programs.

As with anything, the more you contribute the more you get back!

Thank you,
The DLN Team