The highlight of the DLN’s 2021 Economic Survey is seeing the range of anticipated growth by member firms, with almost a quarter of firms expecting growth in excess of 30% and over three quarters of firms expecting growth more than 10%.  Only 6% of firms see flat to lower results versus last year

Following this trend, project budgets are also increasing at a significant rate.  Just under half of member report project budgets growing in the 10-20% range and just almost a third of members report budgets growing by 20% or more. These budgets are growing based on a combination of factors including rising materials and labor costs combined with our members attracting wealthier clients and clients with a greater desire to spend on their projects to get what they want.

DLN members also report in equal numbers that their average number of projects currently active are in the range of 10-20 and more than 20, with only 20% of members having fewer than 10 projects currently.

Finally, members are working on a highly diverse range of projects across urban, suburban, resort and international locations and across project types from new build to renovations.  Very few firms reported a narrow focus in either location or project type, indicating strong breath.