This is an unprecedented and uncertain time, but it’s given us the opportunity to look at everything differently. We at the DLN are taking the time to ask some important questions.  A few weeks ago, we conducted a zoom call with the DLN Design Masters Council and we asked them to weigh in on one big question


What is the invisible name-tag you would want your team to “feel” from being around you as a leader as we move through this phase?


Suzanne Tucker – “I’m calm, and it’s okay if you’re not – we will get thru this.”


Thomas Pheasant – “Focus on what we can control.”


Rafael de Cardenas – “Cultural Innovator and Contributor.”


Pam Shamshiri – “This is an opportunity to fast forward our dreams.”


Tom Kligerman – “Me, We’ – Mohammad Ali”


Jamie Drake – “Thoughtful, Decisive and Respected”


Mara Miller, Carrier & Co. – “Guide.” 


Jinny Blom – “How can we grow thru this? & Be prepared to lose and then we can change freely.” 


Alex Gorlin – “Keep Calm Carry On!”


Richard Mishaan – “Co-Pilot”


Celerie Kemble – “We are catalysts.”


Brad Ford – “Don’t panic, develop a financial strategy.”


Ben Pentreath – “Don’t try to control things out of your control.”


Janice Parker – “Its Janice, your trustworthy leader.”


Suzanne Kasler – “Be positive and take each day one at a time.”


David Kleinberg – “Cheerleader.”


Pamela Babey – “Sharing.”


Jinny Blom – “Be Socratic.”


Lee Mindel – “Be the eternal student.”


A few more important thoughts and suggestions from our Design Masters 


Mara Miller, Carrier and Co – “We’ve reintroduced informality into how we work remotely with our team. We used to work together in an open loft – and all the officially scheduled zoom meetings, etc. was stifling, and now we “hop” on zoom to screen share for 2 minutes and make the technology feel less distant.”


Gloria Cortina – “Embrace changes!”


Ben Pentreath – “Tell your employees that you’re worried. If you weren’t worried, that would be terrifying.”  


Veere Grenney – “As a leader, we have to stay positive. Through your positivity, you inspire people.” 


David Kleinberg – “We need to relax into the unknown.” 


Richard Mishaan – “Just remember that everyone else has the same learning curve and for those who are ahead, they are just going to have to wait for us to adjust.”


Suzanne Tucker – “Communicate clearly and openly, anticipate what may be needed and understand everyone’s experience is different. Take charge of what you can for today and look to the long term.”


Rafael de Cardenas – “I find it important to be present and not predict the future. This is a surreal moment which resists prediction.”


Celerie Kemble – “Leave your minds alone. Expect that you will in fact NOT write that book while youre on lockdown because it’s a) not a vacation when you’re stuck with your family (especially if you have little kids) and b) the global uncertainty and heavy anxiety everywhere means that the conditions necessary for creativity ( reduction in fear and freedom of movement inside your mind and outside your house) are severely restricted and almost impossible to access. So, let yourself off the hook, maybe for the first time, and do simple things for yourself that are right in your sphere.”


Brian Sawyer – “Whatever you do, act boldly and keep momentum.”


Mark Ferguson – “Meet daily, make a plan, bring others into it, and act promptly.”


Lee Mindel – “Think about how this crisis reaches us and never forget.”