DLN advisor Michael Boodro, talked with James LaForce last week for an Expert Access webinar detailing corporate and brand messaging guidelines during COVID-19.  James and Michael shared a few key takeaways for DLN members and partners to use within their own businesses when messaging to clients, vendors, and staff such as:

  • Engage in one on one conversations wherever possible
  • New Distribution Channels – everyone is rethinking how they sell
  • Reaffirm company purpose, culture, values, and make the most of the situation
  • Be clear, be transparent, and honest – admit it’s a difficult time, while still marketing goods and services, express hope and inspire as a creator; “being hopeful doesn’t mean you need to be cheery all the time”
  • Communicate phase 1 of the “return to open”, here local becomes so important, contactless service and delivery, new service safety guidelines, identify “front lines” representatives etc.


In case you missed the conversation, click below to view the full recording.

Expert Access: Messaging in a Crisis

Episode 3: Messaging in a Crisis with James LaForce

Episode 3: Messaging in a crisis with James Laforce