Last week, longtime DLN Member, and AD100 designer, Robert Stilin sat down with renowned gallerist, and podcast host of Collecting Wisely, Sean Kelly.


Robert and Sean spent much of the hour discussing the new normal, and how this has changed the art world, how this moment of pause has allowed art lovers and consumers the opportunity to reset and plan for the future.


Art Fairs will certainly be different, social distancing, hand sanitizers, masks will be part of the equation. Visitors will have to sign up for select sessions to view the pieces, but the silver lining of this will be being able to spend one on one time with a piece of art that normally would not have been likely.  Imagine standing in front of the Mona Lisa with just a handful of people instead of hundreds trying to get a peak.


Virtual viewing isn’t quite effective yet, but the future virtual tours will allow for consumers to think twice about getting on a plane, which will allow for more time on other projects, both professional and personal.  While one can never replace seeing a piece of art in person for the first time, feeling that aura,  what virtual viewers can take away from these tours is that it’s another tool for collecting information, it will help make the decision, but it shouldn’t seal the deal.


Sean and Robert encouraged participants to think carefully about re-entry, not just the art world but the planet, specifically around sustainability. Sean stated,  “the worst thing that can be done is to pretend that there is a crystal ball out there guiding our communities. Instead of suggesting that we know the answers,  we can say here is some direction that can lead us towards a better conclusion; sign posts and indicators, which certainly should look at sustainability and our carbon footprint as people get back to traipsing around the world.”


Lastly, being more conscious about lifting up and supporting our colleagues, not trying to take more of what everyone has while others are starving, being kinder to the planet to each other and ourselves.


To watch the full discussion with Robert and Sean click here.