The Social Responsibility of Firms with David Carey of Hearst & Jon Cropper of Futurlogic

In order to best understand the present and the future, we must learn from the lessons of the past. When you specifically look at the year 1968, it’s eerily similar to what we are experiencing today. Following that time in our history, companies that made themselves relevant to baby boomers thrived while those that did not folded.

Today we are also facing crises but a big difference from 1968 is our global connectivity. We live in a society that loves Black culture, but not Black people. Now is a very important time for leaders in the design world to not only embrace and celebrate Black culture but also Black people.

The focus of the design industry as we’ve known it has been catered to billionaires and want-to-be billionaires. Not enough attention has been paid to thinking about how to leverage that power to help a more culturally diverse group of individuals. The Purpose Movement – a redefinition of corporate purpose to not only to generate profits but also to serve the community – began picking up momentum in 2019. One of its founding philosophies asserts that companies only focused on making money are not fulfilling their obligations.

We live in complex times, and it’s important to be aware of and consider this when engaging with your customer. If asked, “What is your company (or brand) doing to make the world a better place? What about you the individual?” what would be your answer? The design ecosystem must be more purposeful with its investment in the social contract. Some concrete examples of how to do this include:

  • For every $10 million house that is built put $200,000 towards college scholarships for low income students
  • For every $200,000 spent in the kitchen, contribute $10,000 to after school programs for inner-city youth interested in design
  • Donate your lightly used furniture after a 5-year remodel to a charity like Furniture Sharehouse

Human-centric design can be a part of the solution to so many of the problems faced by society today. If you are passionate about this subject, please join our first group discussion on Zoom on September 21st by visiting

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