A Very Current Conversation About Marketing with Emily Heyward of Red Antler

Why does brand matter? This is an important question to ask yourself when thinking about your business. A few things to consider about where we stand:

  • The barriers to launch a new business have never been lower
  • Every category is up for grabs
  • The end user has more choice, power and ways to be engaged than ever before

Brands that win today don’t just drive loyalty, they drive obsession. The brands that people chose become part of their identities. In fact, more important than what people see from your brand (logo, colors, etc.) is what they feel. Your brand should tell consumers why they should care. Brand is the living, breathing driver of the entire customer experience.

Consider these 5 core principles of brand building:

  1. Be problem-oriented
  2. The path to growth starts with focus
  3. It’s OK to get emotional
  4. Community isn’t likes and comments
  5. Redefine expectations

The three main takeaways for brand building are as follows:

  1. Create connection by defying expectations
  2. Innovate in service of people, not “newness”
  3. Tap into the values we all share


Watch the full discussion by clicking below.