The DLN hosted Melissa Biggs Bradley, founder of luxury travel company Indagare for a discussion on the future of travel in 2020. Highlights of the conversation included:

  • Given capacity and supply and demand, airfares are likely to increase, while hotel prices are likely to decrease.


  • The era of “fast tourism” in which huge numbers of people took relatively cheap and frequent trips to hot destinations to get that “Instagram image” are over. The risk now may be over “under-tourism” in which destinations struggle to recover and face a sustained economic impact.


  • It may make sense to consolidate points with the strongest companies and to book with existing travel credits quickly before they expire.


  • The travel industry’s future will depend on government support in many destinations, with airlines and hotels requiring significant aid.  Employee testing will also be a key aspect of safety that will need to be deployed.


  • Future mobility may be limited by discussions of new visa requirements.


  • Its probably pre-mature to plan travel now, but its may get more realistic in the next 30-60 days.


In case you missed the conversation, click below to watch the full recording.