Please join us as we host a series of video calls on important and relevant topics lead by industry-leading experts. All courses will be AIA and ASID/IDCEC certified as we meet the increased demand for remote education and experiences.

Residential Real Estate – Reimagining a Road to Recovery

May 19  |  12:00 PM EST

Please join Peter Sallick, DLN Founder and host and Leonard Steinberg, President of COMPASS as he addresses how the state of the residential real estate market directly informs demand for design and architecture services. This session will shed light on the outlook for luxury real estate around the country including urban, suburban, and resort markets as we all imagine a recovery and help to orient us to be in the right places when that happens. Leonard will draw from his daily newsletter to all of Compass’s brokers and insights from their market intelligence. Click here to register.

How to Build the Bench for Recovery

May 20 | 12:00 PM EST

Please join Becky Birdwell, DLN Managing Director and host and Nadia Roberts, Founder of Interior Talent as they discuss how companies are navigating plans for recovery as it relates to talent. With companies having laid-off or furloughed many employees what does hiring look like when things open back up? How do you hang on to your key employees, let go of your underperforming ones and acknowledge what new talent you will need to hire in order to effectively adjust to our new normal? It’s critical to Build your Bench of talent right now so your company is can shorten the distance to success when things open back up. Everyone needs to become a “technology company” in order to survive and integrate new processes for efficiency and safety. How is this being achieved within the design world? Click here to register.

Collecting at a Distance

May 27 | 12PM EST

Please join DLN Founder and host, Peter Sallick and premier gallerist, Sean Kelly as they discuss how the art market is adapting to the social distancing, a world with no galleries, no art fairs, and no museums. Sean, known for his program Collecting Wisely, will guide us into online viewing rooms, the role personal relationships, and the impact on artists themselves. Entertaining and outspoken, this is a personal looking into a market important to our community and our culture. We may learn if this is a great time to buy. Click here to register.