Sustainability. Social Justice. Gender Equality. LGBTQ Rights. Homelessness. The Environment. What do these issues have in common? The answer is that your employees, clients, and other business partners care about them.

In “The Social Responsibility of Firms,” the DLN audience will be charged by David Carey, SVP of Public Affairs & Communications at Hearst and Jonathan Cropper, Founder of Futurlogic to adopt the social responsibility mandate.

As we look ahead, it’s going to be essential that your company is able to describe its purpose. Your stakeholders and constituents of all types want to know they are working for and with a company that is trying to make a difference in areas that matter to them.

David Carey left his high-powered job at Hearst Communications to go to school on social responsibility, taking a full year to study across disciplines at Harvard to understand how business can develop purpose, and why. His colleague in this conversation, Jonathan Cropper, is an entrepreneur, designer, marketer and creator who has lived this mission.

Let’s learn how as business leaders we can all adopt the social responsibility mandate.

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