Leading Gallerist, Sean Kelly will give us his perspective on collecting wisely in a world where art and design buyers have a tendency to value acquisitions in asset terms as opposed to the inherent qualities of the work. Sean, possibly best known for his NYC Gallery that was established in 1991, brings an essential and valuable message that we as industry insiders will surely understand given the role we have in assisting our clients’ collecting interests. Sean hosts among the most prominent podcasts in the art world where he conducts one on one conversations with prominent collectors about their reasons for collecting and what they understand to be the essential value of art. Its billed as an overarching campaign aimed at refocusing the conversation back to discussing art, the artists, and a passion for collecting and connoisseurship”.

We look forward to sharing this eye opening and informative conversation with you at What’s New What’s Next!

Thursday, September 12th
Time: 12:15 PM
Showroom: FAIR, LLC & Merida, Suite 1601


More About Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly began his career in England as an artist, subsequently serving as a museum curator and director before relocating to New York where he established his eponymous gallery in 1991. Over the course of more than twenty-five years, the Gallery has garnered international attention for its collaborations with renowned cultural institutions, coordinating hundreds of exhibitions on behalf of its artists at an array of prestigious museums. The Gallery has become a symbol for high quality, thought provoking contemporary art and conversation, most recently with the launch of Collect Wisely in May 2018. Collect Wisely is an overarching advertising, podcast, social media, and event driven campaign aimed at refocusing the discourse around collecting to return to the heart of the matter: discussing art, artists, and a passion for collecting and connoisseurship. Sean is equally committed to education, human rights and social justice issues, making the gallery available free of charge to educational advocacy groups and school tours throughout the year. Recently Sean and his wife Mary Kelly donated their extensive James Joyce collection to The Morgan Library & Museum. Sean currently serves on the board of PEN America where he is the Co-Chair of the annual PEN Literary Gala.