They say that necessity is the mother of invention. HIVE is born of the necessity to tell stories at a time when many of our traditional channels and means for doing so are closed.

In this second issue (in less than a month), we are proud to integrate the stories of our members with those of our partners, a recognition that we are all creators and share a common passion for our work. We believe the power of the design community is based in the collective work of so many amazing artisans, designers, architects, brands, photographers, stylists, contractors, and more. Individually, we each have a great story. Collectively, we have an astonishing story.

HIVE reflects our community. Today, HIVE is a small digital publication that reflects the DLN’s deep desire to support all of you and to tell stories that contribute to our community. Over time, we hope to tell many more stories here, and in all of our efforts continue to feature your amazing work.