DLN Small Group Conference Calls are underway, allowing for sharing of concerns and actions via video calls in small groups of 10.  The intimate nature of the discussions, built on the experience we have had at Summits with our Forum-Style Workshops, is designed to reinforce the value of advice from fellow design firm principals and leaders of brands and media companies. We can help each other address challenges and get advice from people who are walking in our shoes.


The following are some lessons from Member-to-Member calls:

  • Its important to look for silver linings, including seeing how our teams are stepping up and how to organize more flexibility for the future.
  • Many firms will likely need to reduce expenses including salaries and rent, with pro-active planning needing to take place now; for many changes will need to happen fast.
  • This is an emotional and anxious time; its not only a business challenge, its a personal one.
  • The pipeline of future projects at each firm may determine how to react; it won’t be the same for everyone. For some firms, planning future business development may be key at this time.
  • Client communication is important and needs to be sensitive to their needs, including acknowledging this is a hard time.
  • Everyone is concerned about their staffs, vendors, contractors and their situations.


The following are some of the lessons from Partner-to-Partner calls:

  • Because its unclear how long this will go, its important to plan multiple financial scenarios and get set to act.
  • Remote working and other solutions will teach companies a lot, with many changes permanent.
  • Everyone is concerned about the future of the important hospitality segment given how hard they have been hit.
  • Its important to create routines as well as the human impact of employees and their families as firms try to keep work going.
  • Everyone is thinking about to connect with clients at this time.