• Membership Outline

  • Design Leadership Network membership is limited to the top performing architects, designers and individuals who hold top positions of qualifying companies serving the design industry. All such individuals must hold the titles of Principal, Founder, Managing Partner, President, Chief Executive Officer, Publisher or Senior Vice President. Membership is by express written approval only, and is valid upon notification of the named individual by the Design Leadership Network.
  • All members are accepted and membership is maintained on the good-faith basis of demonstrated professional achievements and personal characteristics. Members agree to abide by
    • Respect for all members in all communications and forums
    • Confidentiality of all information exchanged, whether expressly requested or not
    •  No unwanted solicitation for business, personal or charitable reasons
  • 1. Applicant Information

    (Must be completed by ALL applicants)
  • 2. Business Information

    (to be completed by NEW applicants only)
  • 3. Recommendations

    Two to three letters of recommendation from the following DLN members.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • 4. Curriculum Vitae

  • 5. Waiver and Release of Liability

  • Should I, the undersigned individual, become a member of the Design Leadership Network (DLN) through the approval of this application for membership, I hereby waive all rights which I may now have or which may accrue in the future against DLN, its respective directors, officers, employees and members (collectively the “DLN Representatives”) and I hereby release and discharge DLN and the DLN Representatives from, and agree to indemnify and hold DLN and the DLN Representatives harmless from and against all liability for any and all actions, damages, causes of action, suits, costs, losses, expenses, claims, demands, and judgments which I now have or hereafter shall or may have, resulting from or arising in connection with my membership in DLN, any activities, functions or events sponsored by DLN or the DLN Representatives, or my travel to, attendance at or participation in any DLN sponsored event or activity.
  • 6. Photo and Personal Information Release

  • I understand that each Member’s information, including all membership data, may be used by DLN and incorporated into the DLN databases. I understand that DLN retains all rights to these databases. I understand that DLN may release the Member’s information to DLN members, or as required by law. Unless otherwise stated in writing, DLN may reproduce my name, company name, contact information and photo or likeness in the Directory of Members, including a directory on DLN’s home page. At DLN’s discretion, my photo or likeness may be reproduced in member newsletters and other communications during the term of my membership.
  • 7. Membership Agreement

    By checking this box and sending this application, I agree that I am registering with The Design Leadership Network and that I have read and understand the Membership Outline and the foregoing provisions. I certify that all information contained in the application is current and accurate. All memberships are individual. Applications submitted/costs are per person.